Poll Manager Handbook

In this handbook you will find the information necessary for you to efficiently and effectively conduct elections in your polling place. You will find references throughout this book that deal specifically with primary, special and general elections. Unless so referenced, all information in this handbook relates to a primary, special or general election.

While you most certainly are considered to “belong” to a particular political party, you must, for the time you serve as a manager, put aside party allegiances and serve all the registered voters of the precinct in which you are working.You are there to conduct an orderly, fair and legal election. If you are working in a primary election, you must not influence anyone to vote in a particular party’s primary, nor can you allow anyone else to do so. You must take charge of the election in your precinct and truly manage the polls. You absolutely cannot allow any candidate, watcher, party official or voter to dictate any policy or action that is contrary to the requirements of the law and proper procedures.

Last Update: January 2020

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