Become a Poll Manager

Be a Poll Worker

Poll managers have a unique opportunity to serve their community, meet their neighbors, and become involved in the democratic process.

A poll manager’s election day duties include:

  • processing of voters
  • ballot distribution
  • activation of the voting system
  • compliance with election laws and procedures,
  • general assistance to voters.

A poll clerk has added supervisory responsibilities.

How to Apply

Persons interested should complete a Poll Manager’s Application.  By submitting an application, your name will be added to our database of citizens who are interested in serving as a poll manager.

When a position becomes available at a precinct in our county, the Precinct Clerk (the person who supervises that precinct) uses this database to contact citizens to fill the vacancy.


A typical poll manager’s and poll clerk’s compensation for an election is as follows:
Poll ManagerPoll Clerk
(In charge of the poll)
Poll Training Class
NOTICE : You must work the polls on the election day in order to receive payment for attending any training class.
Working the Day of the Election$75.00$75.00
Working the Day of any Subsequent Runoff $75.00$75.00
Clerk Responsibilities Per Election (picking up and returning equipment, meeting rover, recruiting managers, supervisory responsibilities, etc.)
** NOTICE : You must work the polls on the election day in order to receive payment for attending any training class.  Pay may very depending on type of election and task performed.


In order to be a poll manager or clerk, YOU MUST:
  1. Be a registered voter in Pickens County or an adjoining county (Anderson, Greenville, or Oconee Counties); OR be aged 16 or 17. (Sixteen and seventeen year olds are compensated at the same pay rate as adults.)
  2. Attend a Poll Manager Training Class before EACH election.  Classes are between 2 to 3 hours in length.
  3. Be willing and able to work the ENTIRE Election Day, from approximately 5:45AM until approximately 8:00PM.
  4. Be non-partisan and neutral when working an election.
  5. Not be related to or work for any candidate on the ballot in your assigned precinct.

Additional Information:

Poll Worker Training Videos
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