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Randy served from April 29, 2014 until March 31, 2020. Randy was promoted to Election Analyst on July 2, 2017 after working for the Department for more than 3-years as a temporary employee. Randy’s primary responsibilities include: Serves second in command of Department and ensures essential department functions continue in absence of Director; Recruits, selects, and trains election workers; Serves as a training instructor and conducts poll worker training both on the voting machines and general election duties in preparation of elections; Locates and recruits management of churches and community buildings to obtain their consent to volunteer use of their facilities as polling places; Accepts and processes candidate filing documents; Maintains the voter street and district assignment database; Proofs and tests election databases; verifies that all valid ballot styles for each precinct are included in every ballot database; Maintains and prepares voting machines and equipment; Maintains inventory logs of the Board's equipment; Processes UOCAVA voters; Performs election night ballot tabulation and election results reporting; Assists with the pre-certification and post-certification audits by the State Election Commission; Maintains minutes of Board Meetings; Maintains logs of election expenses and election worker training; enters election reimbursement information into computer system; and Enters requisitions and invoices into computer system for director's approval.

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