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Department Description

The Board of Voter Registration and Elections of Pickens County is a department of Pickens County Government created by SC Code of Laws Section 7-5-10 et seq. which establishes this agency and governs its command structure and operations. Operations of the Department are funded by the Pickens County Council and supervised by the SC State Election Commission as required by state law.

Department Mission Statement

The mission of the Board of Voter Registration & Elections of Pickens County is to offer every eligible Pickens County citizen the opportunity to register to vote, and to conduct legal, fair, and efficient elections so all citizens are assured their vote will be counted.

Department Functions

  • Manages and conducts all federal, state, county, and municipal elections held within Pickens County
  • Processes all county voter registration applications and change of address forms
  • Maintains county voter registration records
  • Validates signatures from petitions for candidates and new political parties
  • Appoints and trains all poll clerks and poll managers
  • Maintains county election equipment
  • Publishes election notices
  • Prints and distributes ballots
  • Provides the proper number of voting machines for each polling place
  • Accurately and publicly tabulates election results
  • Certifies candidates and election results
  • Hears protests of county and less than countywide elections, excluding some primaries
  • Facilitates absentee voting for all federal, state, county, and municipal elections within the county
  • Updates voter information and street address files after the re-drawing of precinct, county council, school trustee, and/or other district boundaries when needed due to growth in the population or following reapportionment
  • Determines the voting locations of precincts with the approval of the Pickens County Legislative Delegation

Board Members

The Board consists of seven citizens, at least one of whom shall be a member of the majority political party and at least one member of whom shall be a member of the largest minority political party represented in the General Assembly, who are appointed by the Governor upon recommendation by the Pickens County Legislative Delegation for staggered four year terms.

Kathleen W. Hane, Board Chairperson

Gretchen Campbell, Board Vice-chairperson

Geneva Robinson, Board Secretary

June Bowers

Sheree Chapman

Herbert Thompson, Jr.

Gavin Reno Wilson

Board Meetings

All meetings and hearings of the Board shall be open to the public except where authorized pursuant to Freedom of Information Act, Section 30-4-70 of the Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976, as amended.

Meeting Agendas

Meeting Minutes

Notices of Cancelation

Regular Board Meetings

The Board normally meets the first Tuesday of every month, except December, at 4:30 PM in the Office of the Board of Voter Registration & Elections of Pickens County.  Meeting dates will be adjusted around holidays and election periods.  Special meetings may be called by the Chairperson, acting Chairperson, or majority of the Board, but no special meetings shall be held unless all members and the public are notified 24 hours in advance of such meeting as stated in the SC Freedom of Information Act.

Each regular or special Board meeting will have public comment period.  This is an opportunity for citizens to come before the Board with various issues. Citizens who wish to speak during the public comment period do not have to register or signup in advance.  Each person is limited to 5-minutes of speaking time.  Maximum total public comment time is 20 minutes.

Should any person, group, or organization want to speak about any matter or issue at a regular or special meeting of the Board and believe they may need more than 5-minutes of speaking time, such person, group, or organization should  submit a written request to the Executive Director to place such matter on the agenda for the meeting by 12:00 Noon at least seven (7) days prior to the date set for such meeting.  The request should state the specific matter or issue to be discussed, who will be speaking, and the amount of time anticipated to discuss the issue.

Registration Qualification Hearings

Any person may challenge a voter’s registration qualifications to the Board. The challenge must be made in writing to the Board.  Within 10 days and after first giving notice to both the voter and the challenger, the Board will hold a hearing.  At the hearing the Board will accept evidence and rule on whether the voter meets or fails to meet the registration qualifications.  The Board will notify the voter and the challenger in writing of their decision.

At the hearing, the Board may consider the following proof to establish residence including, but not limited to: income tax returns; real estate interests; mailing address; address on driver’s license; official papers and documents requiring the statement of residence address; automobile registration; checking and savings accounts; past voting record; membership in clubs and organizations; location of personal property; and the voter’s statement as to the intent to establish residency (7-5-230).

Provisional Ballot & Election Certification Hearings

The Board, acting as the county board of canvassers, meets the Thursday or Friday following an election in the Auditorium inside the County Administration Facility to conduct a hearing for all provisional ballots cast and to certify the official results of the election.

Challenged voters are entitled to be present at this hearing and are entitled to be represented by legal counsel and to present evidence on their behalf.  Voters who were challenged for not providing proper ID when registering to vote by mail must provide this ID prior to or at the provisional ballot hearing for their vote to be counted.

Persons who challenged a voter’s ballot (challengers) may be present at this hearing to present evidence and/or witnesses in support of their challenge.  Prior to the hearing, they may present written evidence to the Board in support of their challenge.  If the challenger does none of these to support their challenge of the voter’s ballot, the ballot will be counted.

Election Protest Hearings

The Board, acting as the county board of canvassers, will decide all cases under protest, in general, special, and municipal elections that may arise in the county in the case of a county or less than county office.

Candidates in a general election, in county or less than county office, may file a protest in writing with the Executive Director or Chair of the Board, along with a copy for each candidate in the race, by noon Wednesday following the certification of the election results by the Board. If the Executive Director or Chair is not available, the candidate may file the protest with the county Sheriff along with a copy for each candidate in the race. The Sheriff will take immediate steps to deliver these copies to the chair (7-17-30).  The protest must contain each ground of protest concisely stated separately. The Chair of the Board will serve a copy of the protest and provide a notice of the time and place of the protest hearing for each candidate in the protested race (7-17-30).

Candidates in a municipal election must file their protests in writing with the Executive Director or Chair of the Board, with a copy for each candidate in the race, within 48 hours after the polls close (generally by 7 p.m. on Thursday). The protest must contain each ground of protest concisely stated separately. The Chair of the Board will serve a copy of the protest and provide a notice of the time and place of the protest hearing for each candidate in the protested race (7-17-30).  The protest must be heard, after due notice to the parties concerned, within 48 hours after the protest is filed.

The county or state executive committee of a party hears protests that may arise following primary elections held by that party (7-17-30, 7-17-70 and 7-17-530 through 7-17- 570).  The State Election Commission will decide all cases under protest in general or special elections in the case of federal and state offices, members of the State Senate and State House of Representatives, and offices involving more than one county (7-17-260).

Department Contact Information

Office Hours Physical and Mailing AddressMain Phone Number Fax Number E-mail Address
8:00 am – 5:00 pm
7 am – 7 pm (all election days)
Board of Voter Registration & Elections,
Pickens County Administration Facility
222 McDaniel Ave, B-9, Pickens, SC 29671
864-898-5948 864-898-5637[email protected]

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Department Staff

The Board hires an Executive Director, who is not a member of the Board, to serve as the administrative head of the Department and oversees day to day department operations and personnel.  The Director reports to the Board and serves at the Board’s pleasure.  The Director hires and manages department staff.

Rodney W. Allen, Executive Director


[email protected]

Serving since July 21, 2008

Rodney is a graduate of the University of South Carolina – Aiken where he earned two Bachelor of Arts degrees in three years: one in Sociology/Criminology and the second in Political Science/Public Administration.  Prior to coming to Pickens County, Rodney was the Registrar / Office Manager of the Colleton County Board of Elections and Voter Registration.

Rodney’s primary responsibilities include:

  • Serves as the chief executive and administrative officer of the Department
  • Directs and coordinates Department administrative activities, supervises the execution of Department functions, and ensures compliance with all federal and state election laws
  • Executes daily Department activities in accordance with Title 7 of the South Carolina State Code
  • Hires, directs, and manages staff of the Department and evaluates their performance
  • Reviews work of Department staff for accuracy and completion
  • Prepares an annual operating budget for submission to the County Administrator
  • Authorizes and supervises the expenditure of budgeted funds
  • Cooperates with the audit processes of the SC State Election Commission
  • Prepares Board meeting agendas
  • Provides an oral report at every regular monthly Board meeting on the status of current operations of the Department, preparation for any upcoming election, and any matter of relevance that the Board needs to be made aware of
  • Maintains security and access control (including power to grant and revoke access) to all Department offices, equipment, computers, and records

Randy W. Russell, Election Analyst


[email protected]

Serving since April 29, 2014

Randy was promoted to Election Analyst on July 2, 2017 after working for the Department for more than 3-years as a temporary employee.

Randy’s primary responsibilities include:

  • Serves second in command of Department and ensures essential department functions continue in absence of Director
  • Recruits, selects, and trains election workers
  • Serves as a training instructor and conducts election worker training both on the voting machines and general election duties in preparation of elections
  • Locates and recruits management of churches and community buildings to obtain their consent to volunteer use of their facilities as polling places
  • Accepts and processes candidate filing documents
  • Maintains the voter street and district assignment database
  • Proofs and tests election databases; verifies that all valid ballot styles for each precinct are included in every ballot database
  • Maintains and prepares voting machines and equipment
  • Maintains inventory logs of the Board’s equipment
  • Processes UOCAVA voters
  • Performs election night ballot tabulation and election results reporting
  • Assists with the pre-certification and post-certification audits by the State Election Commission
  • Maintains minutes of Board Meetings
  • Maintains logs of election expenses and election worker training; enters election reimbursement information into computer system
  • Enters requisitions and invoices into computer system for director’s approval.

Allison Dickard, Election Office Assistant


[email protected]

Serving since August 14, 2017

Allison’s primary responsibilities include:

  • Answers the phones
  • Greets office visitors
  • Processes voter registration applications
  • Processes absentee voters
  • Processes daily mail
  • Serves as the office document retention officer and ensures documents are retained according to retention schedule on file with SC Archives and History Department
  • Prepares, assembles, and distributes precinct supplies and voting materials
  • Assists Election Analyst with preparation voting machines and election equipment

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Does the Board of Voter Registration & Elections of Pickens County print lists of registered voters for candidates or other interested persons?

A:  No, lists may be purchased by contacting Liz Simmons, State Election Commission at 803-734-9071

Q:  Does the Board of Voter Registration & Elections of Pickens County print or otherwise provide Political District Maps?

A:  No, maps may be purchased through the Pickens County GIS Department at 864-898-5876.

Q:  Does the Board of Voter Registration & Elections of Pickens County process Notary Public applications?

A:  No, notary applications are processed by the Pickens County Legislative Delegation Office.  You may contact Barbara Marcy at 864-850-7070 or send her an email [email protected].

Q:  Does the Board of Voter Registration & Elections of Pickens County process Passport Documents?

A:  No, please contact the following US Post Offices:

Central Post Office 1205 W Main St Central, SC 29630

Clemson Post Office 519 College Ave Clemson, SC 29631

Easley Post Office 810 S Pendleton St Easley, SC 29640

Pickens Post Office 110 Johnson St Pickens, SC 29671