Candidate Filing Update

We are now a little over mid-way through the candidate filing period. The candidate filing period closes at noon, on Monday March 30, 2020 but the State Election Commission is asking candidates to file as soon as possible. Given the current emergency situation we find ourselves in, I want to remind everyone that my Department is open and functional as ordered by the Governor. Candidate filing is an “in-person” process and it continues, with precautions in place. Only one candidate will be allowed in the office at any given time. Candidates are urged to refrain from bringing unnecessary guests with them to file.

Steps to File as a Candidate:

Step One: Make an appointment online or call our office at 864-898-5948. Only one appointment is now allowed for each 15-minute period.

Step Two: Candidate should plan to report to the County Administration Facility (222 McDaniel Ave Pickens, SC 29671) at the appointment day and time. When using the main entrance drive to the facility, candidates will veer to the right at the top of the hill and proceed to the parking lot. My staff will be waiting at the exterior door entering our lobby with “Veterans and Voting” written across the top at the appointment time. Candidates that do not have an appointment will need to call 864-898-5948 so that we will know they are there. Candidates will see the “closed to the public” signs, they do not apply to candidates.

Step Three: Candidates will be escorted to the Office of the Board of Voter Registration & Elections of Pickens County. The candidate filing will take place at our department public counter. The process will take up to 15-minutes, depending on the level of preparation of the candidate. Candidates are strongly encouraged to have the Statement of Intention of Candidacy and Party Pledge form completed (but not signed) and check already prepared to make the encounter as fast as possible.

Step Four: After filing is complete, my staff will escort the candidate back to the exterior building door.

Additional information:

Instructions for candidate filing can be found here:

Instructions for viewing candidates who have filed can be found at the link below:

If anyone has questions about this process, please don’t hesitate to send me an email at [email protected] or call at 864-898-5948.

Thank you for your patience.

Rodney Allen, Director