City of Liberty Polling Place Changes

As a cost saving measure, the City of Liberty has amended its election ordinance to pool precincts for its municipal elections into one polling place in accordance with SC Code of Laws 7-7-1000.  The following precincts are pooled into one polling place:  128 Rices Creek, 129 West Liberty, and 155 North Liberty.  Beginning with the November 5, 2019 Municipal Election and all municipal elections going forward, these voters will vote at the Liberty Rosewood Center (Rosewood St, Liberty, SC 29657).  All registered voters who reside inside the city limits will be mailed a letter informing them of the change.

Due to the number of registered voters inside the city limits in the 130 East Liberty, it cannot be pooled.  Registered voters will instead vote at their normal voting location for Federal, State, and County elections which is Eastside Baptist Church (920 Anderson Dr, Liberty, SC 29657).

Any voter having any questions on where to vote should call 864-898-5948 or send an email to [email protected]  .