2019 Board Meeting Schedule

The Board normally meets the first Tuesday of every month, except December, at 4:30 PM in the Board Room of the Pickens County Administration Facility (222 McDaniel Av Pickens, SC 29671) or as otherwise determined by the Board. Meeting dates will be adjusted around holidays and election periods. Special meetings may be called by the Chairperson, acting Chairperson, or majority of the Board, but no special meetings shall be held unless all members and the public are notified 24 hours in advance of such meeting as stated in the SC Freedom of Information Act.

Each regular or special Board meeting will have public comment period. This is an opportunity for citizens to come before the Board with various issues. Citizens who wish to speak during the public comment period do not have to register or signup in advance. Each person is limited to 5-minutes of speaking time. Maximum total public comment time is 20 minutes.

Should any person, group, or organization want to speak about any matter or issue at a regular or special meeting of the Board and believe they may need more than 5-minutes of speaking time, such person, group, or organization should submit a written request to the Executive Director to place such matter on the agenda for the meeting by 12:00 Noon at least seven (7) days prior to the date set for such meeting. The request should state the specific matter or issue to be discussed, who will be speaking, and the amount of time anticipated to discuss the issue.

Below are the planned regular Board meetings and certification hearings for the 2019 Calendar Year. 

January 10, 20194:30 PMBoard Meeting
February 5, 20194:30 PMBoard Meeting
March 26, 2019 School Board District 7
Special Election
March 29, 20199:00 AMCertification Hearing
for SBD7 Special Election
April 9, 2019 Town of Central
Special Election
April 11, 20199:00 AMCertification Hearing for
Central Special Election
May 7, 20194:30 PMBoard Meeting
June 4, 20194:30 PMBoard Meeting
July 8, 20194:30 PMSpecial Called Board Meeting
July 25, 20194:30 PMSpecial Called Board Meeting
July 30, 20194:30 PMSpecial Called Board Meeting
August 6, 20194:30 PMBoard Meeting (Rescheduled)
August 8, 20194:30 PMBoard Meeting
September 3, 20194:30 PMBoard Meeting
October 1, 20194:30 PMBoard Meeting (Rescheduled)
October 14, 20194:30 PMBoard Meeting
November 5, 2019 Municipal Elections
November 7, 20199:00 AMCertification Hearing
for Municipal Elections
November 19, 2019 Municipal Runoff
Elections (if necessary)
November 21, 20199:00 AMCertification Hearing
for Municipal Runoff Elections
(if necessary)