Absentee Voting for Runoff

In person absentee voting on our voting machines will be available beginning Tuesday, June 19th for the June 26th Republican Runoff Election.

Voters who already applied for a runoff absentee ballot will be mailed a paper runoff ballot beginning today. Note that we are re-using the primary ballots. That means the candidates and offices not involved in the runoff election will be struck out when you receive your runoff paper ballot.

Runoff Voting Eligibility:

Registered voters who were registered prior to the primary election’s voter registration deadline (May 13th) are eligible to vote in the runoff election if:

  • if the voter voted in the Republican Primary on June 12th,or
  • if the voter did not vote in either party’s primary on June 12th.

Voters who participated in the Democratic Party’s primary are not eligible to vote in the Republican Runoff Election.