November 7th Municipal Candidate Filing Update

August 15, 2017 at Noon was the deadline for citizens to file as write-in candidates for unopposed offices. Now that the deadline has passed, the candidates who filed for these offices and remain unopposed have been automatically elected in accordance with 7-13-190(E) and the offices and candidates will not appear on the November 7th ballots. These offices and candidates are:

Easley City Council Ward 2
Kent Dykes

Easley City Council Ward 4
Terry Moore

Easley City Council Ward 6
Jim Robinson

Easley Combined Utilities
Nick Caldwell

Liberty City Council At Large
Chuck Powell

Liberty City Council Ward 2
Chris Carroll

Six Mile Town Council (2-seats)
James A. Atkinson
Jade M. Smith

Only the following offices and candidates will appear on the ballots on November 7th. Write-in spaces equal to the number of seats to fill will be provided for voters to write-in candidates not listed on the ballots for each office.

Mayor of Central
Mac Martin

Central Town Council (3-seats)
Doug Barry
Paige Bowers
Ken Dill
Brandon Thomas

Mayor of Liberty
Dan Parsons
Brian Petersen

Liberty City Council Ward 1
Crystal Smith

Norris Town Council (2-seats)
Keith Martin
Lawrence McClure Jr

Pickens City Council (3-seats)
Patrick Lark
Edgar J Leese
Donnie McKinney
Donna F Owen

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