In-Person & By Mail Absentee Voting Available Now


Absentee voting for the November 8, 2016 General Election is well underway.

The in-person absentee voting precinct is available between the hours of 8am and 5pm on weekdays, Monday through Friday.  We are also open this Saturday (November 5, 2016) from 9am until 1pm.  In-person absentee voting ends at 5pm on Monday, November 7th.

Absentee Voting statistics for the 2016 General Election are as follows (as of 01:55 PM November 4, 2016):

  • We have mailed 1,898 absentee ballots.
  • 4,480 voters have voted in-person in our office.
  • We have emailed 99 ballots to military/overseas citizens who qualify under federal UOCAVA voting laws.

Absentee Voting for the 2016 General Election has exceeded past Presidential General Election participation:

  • In 2008 General Election we had a total of 5,377 absentee voters (detailed statistics not available).
  • In 2012 General Election we had 5,483 (3,738 in-person, 1,641 by mail, and 123 emailed UOCAVA).

To view sample ballots, please click the link below: 


For complete information on voting absentee either in-person or by mail, please click the link below:

Absentee Voting