Conducting Voter Registration Drives

We always appreciate individuals and groups who help their fellow citizens exercise their constitutional right to vote by holding voter registration drives.  Voter registration drives are a very common practice throughout our country and play a vital role in our democracy. Wikipedia defines a voter registration drive as ”an effort, often undertaken by a political campaign, political party, or other outside groups (partisan and non-partisan), that seeks to register to vote those who are eligible but not registered.” This consists of providing voter registration forms to eligible citizens and sending the completed forms to the appropriate elections office. In SC, there is no requirement for persons performing these drives to register with the elections offices prior to performing drives.  The forms themselves ask very personal information that should be closely guarded – social security numbers along with other personal identifiable information.  Individuals or groups performing voter registration drives assume great responsibility in guarding this information until the forms are transferred over to the elections office.

When holding voter registration drives you must:

  1. Be mindful that voter registration applications contain sensitive information including social security numbers. By holding the voter registration drive, you assume full responsibility in guarding this information until the forms are transferred over to my office.
  1. Make certain the applications are complete, legible, and signed. The only optional fields on the application are the phone number and diagram.  All other fields are required (including social security number and date of birth).  Please make certain voters completely fill out the forms before accepting them from the voter.
  1. Verify the residence address is inside Pickens County, South Carolina. We cannot accept or process voter registration applications for any other county or state.  You may find the mailing address for other voter registration offices at the following link:
  • When in doubt, you may mail the out of county applications to the SC State Election Commission for distribution to other counties:  P.O. Box 5987  Columbia, SC 29250-5987
  • If the voter’s residence is not inside South Carolina, please use the National Voter Registration Application available here and mail to the appropriate state office:
  1. The “ADDRESS WHERE YOU LIVE” field is where the voter discloses his/her residence address. This address must be the actual physical 911 street address where the voter lives in Pickens County.  We cannot accept post office box addresses in this field.  Students cannot use the “University Station” addresses that the university may provide them (it’s the same thing as a post office box).  Instead the student must provide their Clemson dorm name or the complete 911-address of their dorm.  The post office box address or University Station address can be listed in the mailing address
  1. Individuals who are not yet 18-years-old, but will turn 18 before the next election (November 8, 2016), and who otherwise qualify to vote, have the right to register to vote. To vote in the election, these citizens must register to vote by the voter registration deadline for the election. Citizens who will turn 18-years old on or prior to the General Election may vote in all proceeding related primary elections even though they may only be 17-years old at the time as long as they register to vote by the voter registration deadline for the primary elections.
  1. Make certain you are aware of voter registration deadlines. Deadlines are always published on  Our office must receive the applications from you before the deadline.