2015 Municipal Candidate Withdrawal Procedures

Candidates who filed and wish to withdraw their candidacy in the election should submit a letter addressed to the Board of Voter Registration & Elections of Pickens County and signed by the candidate stating that they wish to withdraw as a candidate.  The letter should name the specific office and election they filed for.  This letter is final and cannot be taken back, so candidates must think long and hard before submitting it.  It is recommended this letter be submitted in person to insure timely receipt.

Filing fee is non-refundable now that filing has closed (closed Monday, August 3rd at Noon).

For the following offices only:

  • Easley City Council Ward 5
  • Liberty City Council Ward 4
  • Pickens City Council
  • Six Mile Town Council

Depending on when the Board of Voter Registration & Elections of Pickens County receives notice that the candidate has withdrawn, will determine whether or not it is possible to remove their name from the ballots as work on the ballots are already underway:

If we receive their request to withdraw as a candidate by Noon, August 17th, we will make every effort to remove their name from the ballots.**

If we receive their request after Noon, August 17th, their name shall remain on the ballot and instructions shall be placed in the voting booths that the individual has withdrawn.

***Regardless if we can remove their name from the ballot or not, the office and remaining candidates MUST still appear on the ballots and the election will still be held because more people filed for the office than seats to fill during the candidate filling period. 7-13-190(E) spells out clear procedures for the circumstances that must happen in order to not place an office on the ballot or cancel an election.

For the following offices only:

  • Central Town Council
  • Mayor of Easley
  • Easley City Council Ward 1
  • Easley City Council Ward 3
  • Easley Combined Utilities Commissioner
  • Liberty City Council at Large
  • Liberty City Council Ward 3
  • Mayor of Norris
  • Norris Town Council
  • Mayor of Pickens
  • Mayor of Six Mile

If the candidate withdraws by Noon, August 17th, we will place the office on the ballot along with the remaining candidates for the office along with the appropriate write-in blank(s).

If the candidate withdraws after Noon, August 17th the persons who filed for these offices will essentially already be elected for the term at this point in accordance with 7-13-190(E).  As such a separate special election will need to be held after the November elections.  We will clarify this if the matter arises.