November 14, 2013 Meeting Minutes

Pickens County Registration and Elections Commission
222 McDaniel Ave B-9
Pickens, SC  29671
November 14, 2013

Members Present:
Ms. Gretchen Campbell, Chairperson
Mr. Noel Anderson
Ms. June Bowers
Ms. Jane Goolsby Weeks

Staff Present:
Mr. Rodney Allen, Executive Director
Ms. April Bagwell, Office Coordinator

Members Absent:
Ms. Geneva Robinson, Vice-Chairperson
Ms. Sheree Chapman, Secretary
Mr. Herb Thompson


Chairperson Campbell called the meeting of the Pickens County Registration and Elections Commission to order at 4:30pm and welcomed everyone.

Mr. Anderson gave the invocation.

Chairperson Campbell asked for a motion to be made to approve meeting minutes from October 8, 2013 meeting and November 7, 2013 election certification meeting. Mr. Anderson made motion to accept meeting minutes from both October and November’s meetings. Ms. Weeks seconded the motion. All in favor and with no discussion passed unanimously.

Chairperson Campbell opened the floor for public comment:

  • Junius Smith, President of Conservatives of the Upstate, stated there were three hundred and two members in their group. He expressed his concerns about the Pickens County Legislative Delegation adding another seat to the Pickens County School Board. He feels Easley has more than enough representation and there is no need for an additional seat. Mr. Smith requested that the Commission place an objection to adding an additional school board seat to its letter to the Delegation.  Chairperson Campbell explained that the Pickens County Registration and Elections Commission’s responsibilities are to conduct and abide by the laws of elections and voter registration.  She explained that we conduct elections and cannot take sides in a political matter. Ms. Campbell further explained that the Pickens County Council is currently responsible for any redistricting within the county and that the Pickens County Delegation has the authority to make changes as necessary through local legislation to the school board.    She explained that Mr. Smith would need to take his objections directly to the Legislative Delegation.

Chairperson Campbell turned the meeting over to Director Allen for his report. Director Allen thanked Madam Chairperson Campbell and everyone for coming. Director Allen explained briefly each document located in each Commissioners’ packets. Located in each packet was a copy of the letter drafted for the Pickens County Legislative Delegation requesting that they consider drafting legislation that would combined all “County Voter Registration Boards and County Elections Commissions” under one uniform state law instead of individual local legislations. The combining legislation should preserve the local Legislative Delegation’s authority to appoint their County’s Registration and Election Commissioners through the Governor’s Office. It should also preserve the County Registration & Elections Commissioners’ authority to appoint and supervise their agencies’ Executive Director, which serves at their pleasure. Each County Registration & Elections Commission’s  Executive Director should have the authority to hire/appoint and supervise his/her subordinate staff necessary to carry out his/her agencies’ functions.

There was also a copy of an evaluation form for each Commissioner to fill out by January, 2014 for Director Allen.

Also in the packet was a copy of the November’s South Carolina’s Associations of Registration and Election Officials (SCARE) newsletter. Director Allen mentioned that during the “SCARE” Mid-Year Conference held August 5, 2013 an amendment was passed for the creation of an “Awards Committee.”  The Awards Committee will consist of six members, and the awards will be presented at the annual SCARE Conference.  Members of the Commission could submit nominations to Marci Andino, Chair of the Awards Committee, by email through January 31, 2014.

That being all of the Director’s report, Director Allen turned meeting back over to Chairperson Campbell.

Chairperson Campbell thanked Director Allen for his report.

Chairperson Campbell asked if there was any old or new business.

Old business was as follows:

1.)    Chairperson Campbell read the draft of the Commission’s letter to be mailed to the Pickens County Legislative Delegations Office aloud. Chairperson Campbell asked for a motion to be made to accept the letter as written and send the letter to the Legislative Delegation. Ms. Bowers made the motion to mail letter to the Pickens County Legislative Delegations Office. Mr. Anderson seconded the motion. All in favor and with little discussion passed unanimously. Director Allen explained the importance of the letter to the Commission and thanked everyone for coming to today’s meeting.

There was no new business.

Commission will meet again January 7, 2014 at 4:30pm.

Motion to adjourn made by Mr. Anderson and seconded by Ms. Bowers.  With no discussion and with all in favor passed unanimously.  Meeting was adjourned at 4:56pm.



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