October 8, 2013 Meeting Minutes

Pickens County Registration and Elections Commission
222 McDaniel Ave B-9
Pickens, SC  29671
October 8, 2013

Members Present:
Ms. Geneva Robinson, Vice-Chairperson
Mr. Noel Anderson
Ms. Jane Goolsby Weeks
Mr. Herb Thompson, Jr

Staff Present:
Mr. Rodney Allen, Executive Director
Ms. April Bagwell, Office Coordinator

Members Absent:
Ms. Gretchen Campbell, Chairperson
Ms. Sheree Chapman, Secretary
Ms. June Bowers


Vice-Chairperson Geneva Robinson called the meeting of the Pickens County Registration and Elections Commission to order at 4:43pm and welcomed everyone.

Mr. Thompson gave the invocation.

Vice-Chairperson Robinson asked for approval of minutes from August 13, 2013. Mr. Thompson moved to accept minutes as presented. Mr. Anderson seconded the motion. All in favor and with no discussion was passed unanimously.

There was no public present.

Vice-Chairperson Robinson turned meeting over to Director Allen for his report. Director Allen thanked Madam Vice-Chairperson and everyone for being here. Director Allen discussed important upcoming dates of November 5, 2013 Municipals Elections, November 7, 2013 Election Certification, November 19, 2013 Runoff (if needed), and November 21, 2013 Runoff Certification (if needed).

Director Allen gave update on upcoming election one candidate running for Mayor of Liberty withdrew. The office is in process of preparing equipment for the election, and absentee voting has been open since October 1st, 2013. Director Allen went over all precincts and polling locations pertaining to the November 5, 2013 Municipals Elections.  The poll manager training is currently scheduled for October 22 and 23, 2013 for the November Elections. Director Allen stated the locations where the  Commissioners have been assigned for November 5, 2013 Election and they are as follows: Chairperson Campbell/Norris and Liberty, Vice-Chairperson Robinson and Ms. Bowers/Pickens, Secretary Chapman and Ms. Goolsby Weeks/Easley, and Mr. Anderson and Mr. Thompson/Central. Director Allen also mentioned due to the Freedom of Information Act that all Commissioners should create a separate email account used for just the Registration and Elections Commission.

Director Allen briefly discussed the decision in the case vs. Richland County that was filed in August of 2013. It stated that the merge of the Richland County Election Commission with the Richland County Board of Registration also referred to as “Act 17 of 2011” was in violation with the South Carolina Constitution Article VIII, 7 and Article III, 34 and therefore is invalid.

Director Allen also shared more important dates with the Commission for election certification classes for staff and commissioners which are October 17, 2013 and SCARE Conference which is scheduled for March 11-15, 2014. That concludes Director’s Allen report, and the meeting was turned back over to Madam Vice-Chairperson Robinson.

Vice-Chairperson Robinson asked if there was any old or new business. There was no old business.

New Business was as follows:

1.)    Vice-Chairperson Robinson asked for a motion for South Pickens Precinct to be moved temporarily to Pickens Elementary School due to renovations at Holy Cross Catholic Church. Ms. Goolsby Weeks made a motion to move the South Pickens Precinct from Holy Cross Catholic Church to Pickens Elementary School. Mr. Thompson seconded the motion. All in favor and with no discussion was passed unanimously.

That being all the old and new business Vice-Chairperson Robinson asked for a motion to be made for meeting to be adjourned. Mr. Thompson made motion to be adjourned. Ms. Goolsby Weeks seconded the motion. All in favor and with no discussion was passed unanimously.

Meeting was adjourned at 5:10pm.

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