June 4, 2013 Meeting Minutes

Location of Meeting:
Office of Pickens County
Registration and Elections Commission
222 McDaniel Ave. B-9 Pickens, SC 29671

Members Present:
Ms. Sheree Chapman, Secretary
Mr. Noel Anderson
Ms. June Bowers
Ms. Jane Goolsby Weeks
Mr. Herb Thompson, Jr

Staff Present:
Mr. Rodney Allen, Executive Director
Ms. April Bagwell, Office Coordinator

Members Absent:
Ms. Gretchen Campbell, Chairperson
Ms. Geneva Robinson, Vice-Chairperson

Public Present:  
Ms. Eleanor Hare


Secretary Sheree Chapman called the meeting of the Pickens County Registration and Elections Commission to order at 4:30pm and welcomed everyone.

Mr. Herb Thompson gave the invocation.

Secretary Sheree Chapman asked for approval of meeting minutes from May 7, 2013. Mr. Anderson moved to accept minutes as presented. Mr. Thompson seconded the motion. With all in favor and no discussion was passed unanimously.

Secretary Chapman opened the floor for public comment:

  • Ms. Eleanor Hare with the League of Women Voters commented on what an excellent job the Pickens County Registration and Elections Commission is doing. Ms. Hare strongly supports adding an “at large” school board seat. At present the school board has an even number of members (6); therefore adding an additional member would eliminate a tie whenever the board has a vote on different issues.

Secretary Chapman thanked Ms. Hare for coming and for her comments.  Secretary Chapman explained that the Pickens County Legislative Delegation, not the Registration and Elections Commission, is responsible for this legislation.

Secretary Chapman turned meeting over to Director Allen for his report. Director Allen thanked Madam Secretary and everyone for being here. Director Allen gave an update on the status of the SC House Bill 3197 “Division of Elections” to place State Elections Commission and all county Registration and Elections Commissions under the Secretary of State at this time is no longer being considered by the House Judiciary Committee, but that it may be looked at again in the future. Mr. Allen also discussed the status of the Senate Bill 2 “Equal Access to the Ballot Act” (Candidate Filing) this bill is pertaining to the paper version of the Statement of Economic Interest that a candidate files with the state while in office or seeking office. Although a candidate has to still submit their Statement of Economic of Interest; they would no longer have to turn it in while filing for candidacy. Mr. Allen stated this bill should pass. Mr. Allen also mentioned the House Bill 4165 “At Large Seat” for School District is presently being looked at as well.

Director Allen gave an update on the City of Easley’s Reapportionment that it should be finished by July 1st, and all voters moved to their correct districts.

Director Allen mentioned he would be attending a meeting on June 6, 2013 at State Elections Commission titled “Long Lines: Causes and Strategies to Reduce Them.

Director Allen mentioned that he was in the process of updating the office’s job descriptions for the Director and Office Coordinator positions.

Director Allen stated starting July 2013 there will be all new training requirements for employees of the Pickens County Registration and Elections Commission.  Requirements for Commissioners will remain the same for now.  Director Allen, who is already certified, will have to retake 4-core classes; one of these classes is 2-days long.  The others are 1-day each.  These core classes will have a test at the end.  Office Coordinator April Bagwell will complete the new requirements as part of her initial certification. Hereafter, staff will have to take 2-training classes per year.  The SCARE Conference in of itself will no longer count as a recertification credit, though training classes will be offered at the SCARE Conference that will count.

That being all of the Director’s report, Mr. Allen turned the meeting back over to Madam Secretary Chapman.

Secretary Chapman asked was there any old or new business.

Old Business was as follows:

1.)    Approval and signing of consolidating polling locations for the Municipal Elections scheduled for November 5, 2013. Ms. Bowers made motion to consolidated polling locations for November 5, 2013 Municipal Elections. Ms. Weeks seconded the motion. All in favor and with no discussion was passed unanimously.

New Business was as follows:

1.)    Secretary Chapman asked for motion to be made that the July meeting be canceled due to it falling on a holiday week. Ms. Bowers made motion to cancel the July meeting. Ms. Weeks seconded the motion. All in favor and with no discussion was passed unanimously.

There being no more new business Secretary Chapman asked for meeting to be adjourned.  Motion was made by Mr. Thompson and seconded by Ms. Weeks. There being no discussion, passed unanimously.  Meeting adjourned at 5:00pm.

**Copies of all letters and documents signed by the Commission are considered a part of these minutes and are attached.**

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