Update on November 5th Municipal Elections

In accordance with SC Code of Law Section 7-13-190(E), the following offices shall not appear on the November 5, 2013 municipal election ballots.  The persons who have filed for these offices are deemed elected and shall take office at the beginning of their term following the November 5, 2013 municipal elections:

  • Mayor of Central – Mac Martin
  • Easley City Council Ward 4 – Kim Valentin
  • Easley City Council Ward 6 – Jim Robinson
  • Easley Combined Utilities Commissioner – Eric D Goodwin
  • Liberty City Council Ward 1 – Dwight Yates
  • Liberty City Council Ward 2 – Lisa Mullikin Hunter
  • Six Mile Town Council – James A Atkinson and Daniel Crosby

The following offices WILL appear on the ballots on November 5, 2013.  All are one-seat to fill unless otherwise noted:

Central Town Council
*3-Seats to Fill*
Paige H Bowers
Benji Cumbie
Ken Dill.
Steven H Farmer
Easley City Council Ward 2
Libby Brown Dodson
Kent Dykes
Mayor of Liberty
Eric Boughman
Lavant Padgett **
Michael Sheriff
** Update:  Lavant Padgett has withdrawn from the above Mayoral race; however, because ballots for the election have already been prepared, his name will remain on the printed ballots.  Votes for him will not be counted.  Paper ballots will have his name stricken out.  Voting Machine ballots will NOT display his name.
Liberty City Council At Large
Brian Deese
Chuck Powell
Norris Town Council
*2-Seats to Fill*
Lawrence McClure
Wendell Melton
Brian Norris
Pickens City Council
*3-Seats to Fill*
Carl H Allmond
Jimmy Lee Davis
Carlton A Holley Jr
Patrick W Lark
Donald McKinney

Complete information for all candidates can be found HERE.