Military & Overseas Citizens (UOCAVA)

Military & Overseas Citizens can use the Federal Post Card Application (FPCA), which is also known as Standard Form 76, to register to vote and to request an absentee ballot. You can send us your completed application by e-mail, fax, or postal mail. Please see our contact information at the bottom of this site. This form entitles the voter to receive ballots automatically for all elections he/she is eligible to vote in the calendar year the application is received. Federal law requires absentee ballots to be sent to military and overseas citizens at least 45 days prior to any federal election. Military and overseas citizens can receive and return voting materials by fax and email. If you wish to use the fax or email options, you must indicate this on your FPCA in Section 4C.

To use the FPCA form to register to vote – the completed form must be emailed, faxed, or delivered to our office by the voter registration deadlines below.  If mailed, it must be postmarked by the deadlines below.

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To use the FPCA form to request an absentee ballot – our office must receive the completed form by the “Deadline to Return State Absentee Form” listed below.  The form can be emailed, faxed, delivered, or mailed to our office.

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Military & Overseas Citizens can use a Federal Write In Absentee Ballot (FWAB) if they are concerned with receiving their printed ballot and returning it by the 7:00 p.m., Election Day deadline. The FWAB is a blank ballot on which voters write-in their choices. The FWAB may also be used to register to vote and to apply for the absentee ballot, all in one step. If the FWAB is being used to register to vote, it must be received by the voter registration deadline.

For general information on voter registration and absentee voting by Military & Overseas Citizens visit the Federal Voting Assistance program’s main page.