Candidate Filing for Soil and Water Conservation District Commissioners

Two Soil and Water Conservation District Commissioner seats will appear on the November 2, 2010 General Election ballots.  This election is non-partisan and no party affiliation shall be placed on the ballot. The election will be conducted by the Pickens County Registration & Elections Commission at the same time other county and state officers are elected in the 2010 General Election.

Each commissioner candidate wanting his/her name on the ballot must submit to the Pickens County Registration & Elections Commission a nominating petition with the signatures of 100 qualified electors (registered voters) of the district or 1%, whichever is less. Petitions can be downloaded below:

Download Petition Here (Must be printed on 8.5″ x 14″ legal sized paper)

The petition must have the following fields completed:

  • County – Pickens County
  • Candidate – list the candidate’s name as it is to appear on the ballots
  • Office – list the office being saught, in this case “Commissioner of the Pickens Soil & Water Conservation District”
  • Election Date – November 2, 2010

It is recommended by the state election commission that the candidate obtain at least 15-20% more names than is required by law in case some of those who sign the petition are not qualified electors. Once submitted to the county election commission, petitions cannot be returned. A receipt will be provided.  The petition forms along with a Statement of Economic Interest form must be filed with the Pickens County Registration & Elections Commission no later than Noon on July 15, 2010. 

New this year – Candidates that file with the county election commission are required to complete ethics forms.  A state law passed this year now requires these forms to be completed online.  Both of the forms below must be electronically filed here:  

  • The Statement of Economic Interests (SEI) is for the candidate to complete at the time of filing or already have completed.   Candidates must file electronically, print,  and submit their “filing confirmation page” with their petition.   The State Ethics Act requires that candidates electronically file this form at the time of becoming a candidate and provide evidence of such filing with the official responsible for the election. If a candidate fails to electronically file the form at the time of filing as a candidate, his name shall not appear on the ballot. If through error or omission, a candidate’s name appears on the election ballot, the candidate shall not be certified subsequent to the election.
  • The Campaign Disclosure Form.  It is the responsibility of the candidate to electronically file this form, initially, within ten days after receiving or expending their first $500, to include their own money (please note an initial report is not required after every $500 spent or received). Thereafter, quarterly reports are due within ten days following the end of each calendar quarter before and after each election, until a final report with a zero balance is filed, whether contributions have been received or expenditures made. All candidates must electronically file a Pre-election report fifteen days before each election showing contribution and expenditure activity current as of 20 days before the election. This report is electronically filed even if no funds are received and no expenditures made. A Final Report is electronically filed when the campaign account is closed (i.e., no funds are in the account and no money is due or owed). NOTE: If a pre-election report is required to be filed within thirty days of the end of the prior calendar quarter, the quarterly report and pre-election report must be combined and filed to meet the pre-election report deadline.