Unofficial Results of the City of Clemson Special Election

As the polls report in this evening, the charts below will be updated.

SECTION 5-15-62. Determination of election results under nonpartisan election and runoff election method.

Except as otherwise provided in this section, results in nonpartisan municipal elections in municipalities using the election and runoff election method shall be determined by a majority of the votes cast. A majority within the meaning of this section shall be determined as follows:

When more than one person is seeking election to a single office, the majority shall be ascertained by dividing the total votes cast for all candidates by two. Any excess of the sum so ascertained shall be a majority and the candidate who obtains a majority shall be declared elected.

If no candidate for a single office receives a majority of the votes cast in the first election, a second election shall be conducted two weeks later between the two candidates receiving the largest number of votes in the first election who do not withdraw. The candidate receiving a majority of the votes cast in the runoff election shall be declared elected.